Illuminations Collection

Welcome to the launch of our Illuminations Collection. Based on antique Crests and Symbols, the pieces represent Protection and Healing, with a piece of history.

Each piece is hand crafted to order, in sterling silver and 18k gold, made in NYC.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your custom made piece.

We welcome your inquiries for custom work.

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Large Medallion Gemstone Sterling NecklaceLarge Medallion Gemstone Sterling Necklace
  • Royalty Medallion Rhodolite Garnet Necklace

    Rhodollite Garnet in a gorgeous berry color with our Royalty crest pendant. How we love this gemstone ! This gemstone is known for love, self compassion and spiritual growth. It's a gemstone for inspiration and emotional healing.

  • 18k Gold Angel Heart Ring

    ‘Angel Heart’ ring in 18k gold features 42 hand set diamonds and 4 Ruby gemstones. The two hearts combined with Angel wings embody love, miracles and guided protection.

  • Sterling Unicorn Link Bracelet

    Sterlng Silver Unicorn bracelet, our favorite Mythological creature ! The Unicorn is facing a Cornucopia, representing abundance or horns of plenty. Unicorns represent bravery, joy, healing powers, and innocence. This solid piece is also great for men, and can be customized to size, along with the addition of gemstones.

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